Secure Case Model

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Case with keyboard and cover 1 300x204 Secure Case Model
Standard Secure Case overview. This case uses a standard Monitor.
We can provide just the Secure Case but as an IT company we can take the next step for you and build the PC, you can choose Processor, Memory and Drive type and size.

We can also instal OS for you and if you have a particular program or config for the operating system we can do that to reduce your on site installation time.

We can also if needed provide on site installation support along with the delivery.
We can tailor our design and installation to meet your exact needs.

Secure CAse 1 300x200 Secure Case Model
The basic secure PC case.This is the standard secure PC case. It comes complete with power switch, cables to fit sound output and service port. The case is secured with 12 T10 bolts. (More secure screws can be upgraded to, ask for further details)

The standard version is Powder Coated in Matt Black. Different colours and finishes can be agreed. Minimum orders of 50 are needed forĀ  most customisations.

Case Inside with lid 2 300x200 Secure Case Model
Secure Case with lid removed
The Motherboard Mounting plate takes standard ATX, Mini and Micro boards. There are also mounts for either a 2.5″ or 3.5″ Drive.The clamp is to pass Keyboard/Mouse cable through to secure them before inserting in to either PS2 or USB contacts on the Motherboard.
Case with MB 300x204 Secure Case Model
Case with Power Supply and Motherboard example fitted
Secure Case with Motherboard and Power supply fitted.
Case MB and KeyboardMouse 300x211 Secure Case Model
Secure Case Motherboard and Keyboard/MouseKeyboard and Mouse fitted and clamped.All that is needed now is your choice of Disk drive to complete the system.

Contact us for further details.