General Information

General options

The standard cases are made of mild steel. We have also produced the case in Stainless Steel for specific use in a hygiene sensitive area. We also have the option to copper plate the case for extreme hygiene areas.
The case is secured using T10 secure head screws 12 in all. More secure head options are available if needed. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

The first image below is powder coated finish in matt black. If you prefer a different colour we can do this a minimum order quantity of 50 would be needed to make that viable.

We also have a version of powder coating that includes an anti-bacterial quality. Ask for more details. At the time of making some additional small changes could also be incorporated including laser etching of the case.


Case with keyboard and cover 1 300x204 General Information

Standard Secure Case overview. This case uses a standard Monitor.

Touch Screen Landscape 1 300x200 General Information

Touchscreen Secure Case. A 21″ Touchscreen is built into this model.

Plate 300x258 General Information

Interface plate

The standard Interface has Power Switch, Power LED, Headphone/Speaker output and the Service port. The Service port looks like a 9 pin serial port but has been adapted to link the service tool to the USB header to provide a technician with USB access for support work. The Service Tool is supplied separately. As per picture adaptation can be added like an wireless Interface.

Service Tool 1 210x300 General Information

Secure PC with Service Tool fitted

The service Tool provides USB access without removing the case. This would be for a service technician or an approved person for updates etc.