Welcome to SecureIT website

We have developed a range of Secure Computer cases. These are not cages for a standard PC instead they are a complete PC case where we manage what external access is available to users.

We have these installed in a range of clients for different purposes. The key being that, access to the connections of a standard PC are physically managed.

As standard, the outer case has just a power switch, Headphone/speaker socket and our custom interface port generally used by IT support technicians to allow USB access for support or repair.

Please see the details on the following pages.

If you have a special need these may be able to be accommodated. We have these cases made in the UK and have the capability to customise to your exact specifications. Additional costs may apply to these customisations.

We can provide just the Secure Case but as an IT company we can take the next step for you and build the PC, you can choose Processor, Memory and Drive type and size.
We can also instal the Operating System for you and if you have a particular program or config for the Operating System we can do that to to reduce your on site installation time.

We can also if needed provide on site installation support along with the delivery.

We can tailor our design and installation to meet your exact needs.

For any additional information or discuss your needs please contact us.